Video as an Educational Tool

Video Making as an Empowerment Tool

for Schools and Communities




Are you interested in integrating video making into your classroom?

Making videos can be an engaging way for students to demonstrate knowledge and build critical thinking skills.

Find instructions, worksheets and rubrics for implementing video-making projects with students.


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  • Project Aims

    The main objective of this project is to promote an education path, shared by all the partnership components, which allows people to be well equipped in ICT competences and well organized in the search job and in their social and professional inclusion. Other main objective is to support specific education path for trainers and teachers. In particular, by encouraging ICT and Video education, giving them a European value, it will be easier to widen professional specialization, facing in this way, the spreading European unemployment and the Digital Divide phenomenon. The project involves a strong partnership, with competences both in ICT education and professional fields. We propose to formalise in our context, the figure of the Video Maker, by creating a professional profile (video production, video editing, video language analysis).
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